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Book your trip wherever you are at the click of a button

Low prices

Ultra low prices for quick and easy service

Flexible payment options

Depending on your city, you have the choice between several Payment Options - Cash, Mobile Money, ZiqqiGo Wallet and Credit Card

The promotions

Take advantage of our promotions and discount offers. The more you ride, the more rewards you get!

How it works

Create an account.

From Google Play or App Store, download and install the ZiqqiGo app and create your account.

Book your trip OR plan a trip for later.

ZiqqiGo automatically detects your location and you can request to be picked up from that location. ZiqqiGo connects you to the nearest available driver. You can also drag the pin to another location or enter an address and request to be picked up from that point. Use the "Book Later" function to plan a future trip. You can also book a trip by calling our call center

Meet the driver

You can follow the arrival of your trip on the application and you will be notified when the driver arrives. Before getting in the car, make sure that the make, model and license plates and the driver's photo match what is displayed on your app.

Enjoy the ride.

Your driver will drive you to your destination. On arrival, depending on your city, you can use cash, mobile money, a credit card or the balance of your ZiqqiGo wallet to pay.

Evaluate your trip.

We would like to know how your trip went.

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